Vance helped a lot with helping me get my first house. Being single and in the
military, it was definitely a big decision to purchase a house. Vance
helped me all the way through and made the process a lot less stressful.

1LT Jeff Arruiza

 It is a pleasure to heartily endorse Vance Walden to anyone RE: Mortgage problems.  He helped me @ a difficult and confusing time and I was able to greatly reduce my monthly payments as a result.  He kept me up to date on what was going on, and I truly felt I had someone in my corner during a difficult time. 

Bryon M Dodge (Retired Optometrist)

Gig Harbor, WA

 My wife and I were referred to Vance Walden.  We had just begun looking to buy our first home and had no idea what do to.  After contacting Vance, he helped put us in the right direction.  He explained what type of house to look for that would be the best investment, along with walking us through the financing. 

Vance was very patient with the thousands of questions my wife and I had.  He also took very seriously that, although we wanted to buy a house we didn't want the house own us.  While we were searching for a house Vance began working with our real estate agent.  Vance and our real estate agent worked well together in getting the best deal for my wife and me.  After we found the house that we wanted, he worked very quickly to get all of the paperwork done.

Vance was extremely helpful in managing the closing of the house, advocating for us in every possible way and we never felt any pressure from him to do anything that was not in our best interest. Through is openness and honesty, we were able to purchase our first home and have never had any regrets about it.  We have lived in the house for several months and Vance still contacts us to make sure everything is going well and to see how the improvements to the house are going.  I have referred friends to Vance and will continue to do so: he is honest and extremely professional. 


Ira and Raeann Nolander,

Spokane, WA


My wife and I have been members of the military since 1989 and have moved around quite a bit.  We have purchased a couple of houses during our moves and were not quite sure if we got the best possible rate from our mortgage brokers at that time.  It seemed like every one we talked with was giving us the run around and told us a different story about current rates. 

Our next purchase happened to be during one of the worst financial crisis the country has seen for a while(2008/2009). Vance assisted us in finding the best possible rate compared to several other lenders we had been dealing with for the same property.  It was an incredible stressful time and when we had finally locked into what seemed to be an unbelievable rate, Vance came back a couple of days later and suggested to us to relock because the market took another drop.  No other broker has done that for us, purposely cutting into their commissions. 

With Vance Walden's help, we locked in at 5.50% for a 30 year jumbo fixed VA loan, one day prior to close.  We even checked with other brokers and they could not touch this deal.  He is personal, honest, and treats your loan as if it was his own.  He fought for our interest every step of the way, saving us a tremendous amount. 

Thanks Vance,

Tom and Claudia Gortva

Members of the United States Air Force


It was great to finally have an advisor who knew the market.  I've never really had a good mortgage advisor that kept me in the loop about everything while the house buying process progressed.  Vance was able to get me a great rate during hard times.  This greatly helped my wife and I afford a house that we could grow into.  The fact that Vance was able to get a better loan than my real estate agent's preferred lender gave us the confidence that we were well taken care of.

Mike and Joslyn

Sequim, WA


We recently made the decision to refinance our home to take advantage of the lower interest rates. Our goal was to convert our current ARM to a fixed 30 year at the best rate available to us, and cash out some equity to pay off a few credit cards and do some home improvement.

We began by filling out two of those online referral forms. Of the at least 12 responses we received, we began serious talks with 6 of them. All 6 assured us they could meet our needs, and the quotes we received looked promising…until we got down to hard numbers. Not one of those 6 quotes came anywhere near what they had initially promised. In frustration, we started the whole process all over again.

Then we found Vance. Vance was courteous, professional, and sincerely wanted to help us, not just make his fee. He returned our calls and answered all our questions promptly and honestly. During the loan process, rates had dropped a bit. Vance immediately locked us in at the new lower rate, saving us even more.

The quote he gave us and the final numbers were the same; no hidden fees, no surprises. After closing, it turned out that we put in pocket over $6000 more through Vance than we would have had we used those other companies.

Refinancing your home shouldn't have to be a frustrating experience. And with Vance, it's not. Vance, I can't thank you enough.

Best Regards,

Justin and Cassie Gaunt

Puyallup, WA

I enjoyed working with you and your team. I was surprised how quickly the loan was processed and and completed. I appreciated your communication over the telephone and e-mail to keep me informed.

Thanks for all your help.

S. Thoren Edmonds, WA

I talked with many brokers, mortgage companies, and financial institutions looking for a program that would fit my current needs. When I came in contact with Vance I did not feel like I just walked to a used car lot with someone trying sell what ever was on the lot to make there commission. Vance was very informative and listened to my questions.

He helped me fine tune what needs were for this particular property by asking the right questions and listening to my goals. He took the time to come up several different approaches, explained the pros and the cons, and let me make the choice.

I ended up with the best program for my family and gained a friend along the way.

Craig Lyons

Orting, WA

Project Superintendent

(206)356-7924 Cell


In November of 2006 we began searching for a lender so that my husband and I could refinance our home. After combining families several years prior, we felt it was also time for us to jointly own the home we lived in.

We searched for a lender, knowing we might be difficult clients, as our FICO score wasn't the best. After having a bad experience with a high pressure loan broker, we weren't sure we wanted to pursue the refinance. Then we met Vance Walden. Not only did he obtain approval and financing for us, he was very gracious during the process. Vance is approachable, informative, and comunicated with us each step of the way.

Quite honestly, Vance helped us put the past behind us and move on with our lives.

Thanks Vance!


Michael Briggs & Janelle Sisley

Olympia, WA

I was referred to Vance Walden by a friend who had suffered a similar downturn in his business as I was undergoing. I had just been rejected by another lender after months of submitting paperwork.

I knew that it might happen again as I was self-employed with cash flow crunches from a recently failed business venture – I wasn’t fitting the profile for the lenders. I needed to refinance to get better payments and financing on my outstanding debts in order to pull through the downturn.

Vance took on my case even though he knew it wasn’t a sure thing. He did several things I found refreshing, reassuring and resourceful. He checked my entire credit history and noted that I had always paid my mortgage payments – he emphasized my longer term history to balance my current sagging credit score.

He researched the mortgage market for the best combination of loan products to fit my situation and did not just go with his favorite company. He persisted with the lender through the approval process and my documentation phase – and did extra work while I was on travel. He patiently explained the fine print to me when I got confused.

What really stands out is that Vance was honest and honestly worked on my behalf and in my best interest – he did everything he said he would and I saved $600.00 a month in payments through his refinancing work. I’m extremely happy with Vance and the outcome of his services and it is a sure bet that I’ll be back.

Jan Decker

Sumner, WA

I recently went in search of a company to assist me in a refinance of my home and I ended up going with Vance Walden at Loan Network. I really wasn't looking forward to another drawn out paper trail of refinance information but My experience with Vance was totally a surprise. Vance worked so hard finding me the lowest interest rate available and all of his information was accurate with no hidden figures or surprises and I was so impressed with the speed and ease of the refinance through Loan Network that when I needed money for an opportunity for an investment I went strait back to Vance at Loan Network for another smooth transaction with complete satisfaction

Thank you Vance

Mike and Gale Galloway

Tacoma, WA

I was very impressed with Vance and Yvette Walden and the Loan Network Mortgage Company. They answered all my questions, closed the loan quickly, and all upfront rate and closing cost quotes came in as they promised.

We had no surprises at closing time. I would highly recommend Vance and Yvette and Loan Network to anyone looking for the best rates and great service!

Mark Jones

Tacoma, WA

We would like to personally thank you for the hard work and effort you and your wife put into our refinance. It was without a doubt one of the smoothest I have encountered. And for the amount of money involved, I thought the costs were less than another refinance a few years back for about half the amount!

Our closer, Kelly, had nice things to say about you, and that just reinforced what we felt. I will surely recommend you if someone I know should ever need to refinance.

Again, from one Vet to another, thanks again for your help. I know it’s your job, but my wife and I feel you went the extra mile for us to get a better rate, and do the things necessary to make it all happen.

Best regards,

Mike and Cindy Willey

Portland, OR

We are very happy with the way Vance and Yvette handled our refinance. They gave us a lot of options to choose from to best fit our needs. They explained all options in detail and that made our decision so easy to make. They did not pressure us to make the decision immediately. Instead they wanted us to take the time to think of what was good in our financial situation.

During the process, Vance and Yvette kept us in the loop through emails and phone calls. They were very good in managing their clients to make sure everything went smoothly. The process and closing was so quick and with extra money from the refiancing, we were able to pay all our credit card bills and car loan, and still had extra money for vacation.

Lastly, what was important for us is that we gained a couple of friends. Vance and Yvette are not only professionals but they, including their daughter Mikhaella, made us feel comfortable. Without a doubt, we can recommend them with the highest confidnence.

Jim Chaves,Project Engineer and Teresita Chaves, Nurse

Tacoma, WA

In September of 2002, my husband and I returned home from living in Texas for a while where we owned a home and life seemed easy. We moved to Washington expecting to move into another home right away. The economy here, put us into a bit of culture shock. The move also hurt us with a few late payments and then those few turned into a few more and so on. We now faced a credit problem on top of the cost of living being more than double of what we were used to. We lived in an apartment and no matter how hard we tried, something always seemed to get in the way of us buying a home.

5 years dragged on and we eventually became miserable with our 1100 square foot apartment. Our credit just sat at the same low score and nobody wanted to work with us. That is until we met Vance. Vance took a look at our credit and adviced us on how to start working on it. Slowly it started coming together.

Finally, April 2007, Vance pulled our credit and it was workable! Vance told us that this was going to be tough but we would get a loan. We worked together with Vance until the very end of June. Vance was very patient with us and honest. He explained every step that we were going through to us and worked hard to make this happen for us. We both wake up in amazement every morning when we realize how beautiful our new home is. We didn’t think it was ever going to happen.

Thank you, Vance.

Matt and Michelle Twining

Fife, Washington

 My refinance was extremely difficult. Finding a lender who would do manufactured homes in this lending environment let alone finding a reasonable interest rate seemed nearly impossible. Furthermore it took ages to get things though underwriting and I don't recall how many times we had to go to my employer for records because of my unusual pay structure. You stayed with me the entire way even when events pushed you to frustration. I got the money I needed to better my monthly budget and an almost unbelievable interest rate. Thanks for you hard work, dedication and late nights, Vance.

Davd and Kathy Erwin

Spanaway, WA

Mike and I want to thank you for all of your time and effort you gave us to get our new home.  We only wish you the best for your future accomplishments.  Your professional expertise and thoughtfulness was noted.  Thanks again and you have our best thoughts.

Best Regards,

Mike and Shirley Callahan

Tacoma, WA

Working with Vance was extremely easy. We did a second tier VA loan FROM Missouri for a home in Washington and he made it significantly simpler and less stressful than I imagined. He was always very responsive and provided very detailed emails when we had questions or he required information/documents. We had an issue with the mortgage company and we were all told we couldn't close on time (would be a day late); this was problematic since my husband was traveling cross country for work the next day. Anyways, Vance somehow got them to work over the weekend and we closed on Monday, the original date. We highly recommend using Rally Point Mortgage! If you're wondering "why use a broker?" It's easy. He does all of the talking and all of stuff you don't want to do with the bank & you get to supply the documents and have the easy part. We spoke to him initially for about an hour and decided working with him would be best – and it was! You hear the term "honest broker" thrown around; Vance is actually an honest broker.
Thank you so much!
Captain Jennifer Whittle

Vance is an expert mortgage broker and provides a level of service that's a cut above the rest. Being new to the area we really leaned on him throughout the home buying process and are very grateful for his help in buying our second home. Vance worked very hard for us and gave us the best rate (by far!) compared to all other lenders we priced. His attention to detail and level of professionalism made the process a breeze and I highly recommend him to everyone, especially military families, for their next home purchase.
Captain Michael Marano